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Brass Ball Valve have several different sizes

Brass ball valves are one of the most common types of valves used for pipe systems. They are made of a copper and zinc alloy, which makes them highly corrosion-resistant. They can be cast, forged, heat extruded, or cold drawn and come in several different sizes.
Valve Design:
A brass ball valve typically has a ball that can be rotated to direct flow one way, or turned 180deg to close off completely. They can also have a V-shaped hole that allows for more precise control when rotating the ball.

T-Type Valves:
A T-type ball valve has three holes drilled at 90deg angles that meet in the center to form a T. They can be used to direct flow into two or more passageways simultaneously, or shut off one or all of them individually.
Full Port Valves:
High capacity ball valves are designed for use with compressed air, water or oil to isolate segments of a system without disrupting service to the rest of the system. They are available in both 1" and 2" flanged versions, and feature a plated steel ball, Teflon seals and a plated 1/4 turn handle.
Connection Types:
Threaded connections can be either female or male, and are compatible with a wide variety of pipe systems. They also are available in flanged versions, which have bolt holes on the end connectors to attach to matching flanges on pipes.