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Causes and treatment methods of valve leakage

Introduction of Brass ball valve manufacturers, fire valves are important accessories for industrial and construction pipeline control. The main control products have high precision and are especially suitable for flow control. It has been widely used in industrial control systems. In the process of use, various problems often trouble us, mainly to explain the causes and treatment methods of leakage in the fire valve.

1. Through the analysis of the cause of the problem and the solution, the maintenance personnel are affected by the process during the processing or assembly process, which may cause the internal leakage of the electronic control valve, mainly because of the comparison of fixed limit switches. In the process of controlling the medium, the continuous cleaning of the regulating valve and the movement of the pattern can cause the valve to close and internal leakage. In this case, we mainly need to adjust the position of the limit switch to solve this phenomenon.

2. Improper debugging of fire valve, resulting in internal leakage. Due to the failure of the electronic control valve of the control part, the limit switch, torque switch, etc. of the valve will also cause wear or corrosion of the sealing surface, resulting in internal leakage.

3. Due to the inaccurate zero-point setting of the electric actuator, the valve is not completely closed, resulting in leakage at the end. The main adjustment method is to manually close the valve, or manually close the valve, and then turn halfway to adjust the limit.

If the thrust of the actuator is not large enough, the valve cannot be completely closed, and internal leakage may occur. The main solution is to replace the actuator with a large thrust.