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Disassembly points of Brass ball valve

When the products directly sold by Brass ball valve manufacturers are disassembled, the connection position of the actuator corresponding to the valve body can be displayed. Remove the valve body, valve stem, etc. from the valve body. In order to decide which parts need to be repaired and replaced, all parts and components that are disassembled need to be carefully inspected.

Usually, after the Brass ball valve is disassembled, attention should be paid to the inspection: the inner wall of the main body, check its pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Due to the immersion of the valve seat medium, the surface of the screws used to fix the valve seat is easily corroded, and the valve seat is easily loosened. In the case of high pressure, the corrosion and damage of the sealing surface of the valve seat must also be checked. Of course, now the valve seat and valve body are not fastened with screws, and the structure is also fastened with gaskets, but either way, the sealing parts of the valve seat and valve body must be checked.

Check the valve column carefully for corrosion or wear, especially in the case of high pressure difference, the wear of the valve body is more serious, and whether the valve stem is similar, and whether the connection with the valve body is loose, etc. Seal packing and packing, check whether the packing and packing are aging, cracked, etc., and whether the joint surface is clean.