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How to install the copper valve during use?

Before using all products, you should be familiar with the instructions for use of the products and understand the installation requirements of the products. The same is true for Brass valve products, and you should pay attention to some details during the installation process. Introduction of copper valve factory direct sellers The following installation requirements are for reference only and hope to be helpful to everyone.

1. Before installing the valve, carefully check whether the model and specification of the valve in use are consistent with the design.

2. According to the valve model and factory manual, confirm whether the valve is suitable for the necessary conditions.

3. When the valve is hoisted, the rope should be tied to the flange connection of the valve body and the valve cover, not to the handwheel or the valve stem, so as to avoid damage to the valve stem and the handwheel.

4. When installing the valve on the horizontal pipeline, the valve must be vertically upward, and the valve is not allowed to be installed downward.

5. When installing the valve, do not use the forced Daegu connection method that is pulled out lifelessly to prevent damage caused by power imbalance.

6. To prevent the system from rusting, the gate valve cannot be installed in underground moisture.