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Leakage faults and troubleshooting methods of copper valve seals

The leakage of seals of Brass stop valve manufacturers is largely due to valve leakage and seals accounting for a large proportion. The reasons for the failure are as follows:

Wrong choice of packing, can not withstand the corrosion of the medium, can not withstand the use of high pressure and vacuum, high temperature and low temperature of the valve; wrong packing installation, there are defects such as small generation, poor spiral winding joint, loose upper and lower; packing exceeds the service life, aging , loss of elasticity; rod accuracy is not high, there are defects such as bending, corrosion, wear, etc.; the number of packing coils is insufficient, and the pressure plate is not pressed; prevent the pressure plate cover, bolts and other parts from being damaged, and prevent the pressure plate cover from being pressed; improper operation, force Too strong, etc.; when the gland is inclined, and the gap between the gland and the valve shaft is too small or too large, the valve shaft is worn and the seal is damaged.

Elimination method: select the material and type of filler according to the situation; when the filler is installed correctly according to the relevant regulations, the joint must be used for too long at 30 or 45 every time the packing is rotated once, and the damaged filler must be replaced immediately; valve After the rod is bent and worn, it should be corrected and repaired. If the damage is serious, it should be replaced in time.