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Leakage treatment method of brass stop valve

In life, we often encounter various pipes, and pipes are often controlled by brass stop valve. However, if the copper valve leaks, it will greatly affect our use effect. How should we deal with this situation? ?

We should first find out the reason for its leakage, and repair it according to different situations, so as to reduce unnecessary losses by taking the right medicine. If it is because the inner wall is scratched and the switching times are too many, the inner wall of the cylinder is worn out, which in turn causes the piston ring to be damaged, resulting in the air inside the cylinder, we should replace the product in time. If the sealing ring is worn, for example, the finish is not enough, and the sealing ring is worn and leaked after switching for many times, we need to replace the sealing ring.

Of course, in order to avoid this from happening, we should test its quality and cleanliness before using it. In addition, it is necessary to maintain and maintain it frequently in the process of use to avoid man-made damage.