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Methods of repairing and maintaining copper valves

In order to make the copper valve use better and have a longer service life, the copper valve manufacturer said that it also needs to be repaired and maintained during use.

Before servicing a copper valve, depressurize the line and keep the valve in the open position, disconnect the power or air supply, and disengage the actuator from the bracket. Then, the upstream and downstream pipelines of the ball valve must be identified first, and the disassembly and decomposition operation can only be carried out after confirming that the pressure has been relieved. During disassembly and reassembly, care must be taken to prevent damage to the sealing surface of the parts, especially non-metallic parts. Special tools should be used when removing the O-ring. During assembly, the bolts on the flange must be tightened symmetrically, gradually and evenly. .

The copper valve should also be lubricated. The grease used should be compatible with the metal materials, rubber parts, plastic parts and working medium of the valve. Apply a thin layer of grease on the seal, and apply a thin layer of grease on the sealing surface and friction surface of the valve stem.