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The Application of Brass Angle Valve

Brass angle valve is used to control and shut off water flow in plumbing applications. They are available in various shapes and styles, including quarter-turn and multi-turn versions. They can also be installed in a variety of types of pipes.

1/4 Turn Valve
This type of valve is a common choice for residential water systems, as it only needs to be turned a quarter of a way to open or close it. This allows for easy control of water flow and prevents leaks from building up in the system.

Compression angle valves use a rubber gasket to create a tight seal, making them ideal for areas with high water pressure. They can also be used in gas lines because the material won't corrode.

2 Way Angle Valves
Two-way angle valves are designed to control water flow in different directions. These valves are typically used in a kitchen sink or other place where two water lines come together. These valves allow you to change the direction of the water flow in a single turn.

3-Way Angle Valves
A 3-way angle valve can be used to control water flow in three different directions. This type of valve can be useful for purging air from a supply line or for connecting multiple equipment to one inlet or outlet.

Washing Machine Valve
These valves are typically used to connect washing machines and other appliances to water lines. They are easy to install and don't require any special tools or crimping, soldering or glue. These valves are designed to be easy to turn and have a sleek chrome finish for an attractive look.