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Long handle FM thread full bore brass valve AMT-2009 Custom

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Long handle FM thread full bore brass valve AMT-2009

Forged brass body
Sand blast and nickel plated
Nominal Pressure:max 40bar
Threaded M/F ISO228/1
99% leak tested
Available:in all sizes from 1/2" up to 2"

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1/2" 13.5 52 44 82 11
3/4" 18 58.5 47 82 12.5
1" 21.5 67.5 56 93 14
1 1/4" 28 79 71 126 15
1 1/2" 35 92.5 79 142 15.8
2" 43 102.5 80.5 142 16.5
1/2" 13.5 52 42.5 57 11
3/4" 18 58.5 45.5 57 12.5
1" 21.5 67.5 53.5 57 14

More product information about Long handle FM thread full bore brass valve AMT-2009

The AMT-2009 Long Handle FM Thread Full Bore Brass Valve is a pinnacle of engineering, precision, and durability in the realm of fluid control. Designed to offer exceptional control and versatility, this valve is a preferred choice across industries for various applications. The long handle coupled with its full bore design sets it apart, enhancing operational ease and efficiency. Let's explore the extraordinary advantages of the AMT-2009 Long Handle FM Thread Full Bore Brass Valve that make it a standout solution in fluid management.
The AMT-2009 Brass Valve is meticulously engineered using high-grade brass, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The robust construction ensures that the valve can withstand varying levels of pressure, temperature, and environmental conditions. This resilience translates to a longer service life and reduced maintenance needs, making it a reliable choice for any fluid control system.
One of the defining features of the AMT-2009 Valve is its full bore design. With an unobstructed and uniform inner diameter throughout the valve, it provides an unimpeded flow of fluids. This translates to minimal pressure drop and improved flow efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and preventing potential blockages or disruptions in the fluid flow.
The long handle of the AMT-2009 Valve is a game-changer in fluid control. The extended lever arm amplifies the leverage, allowing for precise control with minimal physical effort. This design enhancement is particularly beneficial in applications where quick adjustments and precise control of fluid flow are crucial. The long handle design makes operating the valve a smooth and convenient experience.
The AMT-2009 Valve is equipped with FM (Female Male) thread connections, simplifying the installation process. The threaded ends provide a secure and leak-proof connection, ensuring a hassle-free setup in various piping systems. This standard connection design adds to the valve's versatility and compatibility, making it a go-to choice for a wide range of applications.
Leakage is a major concern in any fluid control system. The AMT-2009 Valve is engineered with precision to ensure a tight and secure seal, preventing leaks effectively. This reliability in sealing is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the fluid control system, reducing wastage, and ensuring a safe and efficient operation.
The AMT-2009 Valve's adaptability extends across multiple domains, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Whether it's controlling water, oil, gas, or other compatible fluids, this versatile valve handles diverse fluid management needs with ease. Its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of applications underscores its reliability and flexibility.
Harsh environmental conditions are a reality in many applications. The AMT-2009 Valve, constructed from high-quality brass, offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring it remains operational even in challenging environments. Its ability to endure adverse conditions further solidifies its reputation as a long-lasting and dependable fluid control solution.
The AMT-2009 Long Handle FM Thread Full Bore Brass Valve is the epitome of reliability, precision, and ease of use in fluid control. Its superior engineering, full bore design, long handle for effortless control, leak-proof construction, and multi-application versatility make it an exceptional choice for any fluid management system.

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